Sunday, May 6, 2012

Twinkling (poem)

Eyes glazed, teeth frosted
Frozen cold articulates form crystals on the tongue
Do I dare?
Whispers and thoughts spin in shapes around my head
Divisions, revisions, decisions
Do I dare?
Left, right, up, down, side to side
My thoughts are in a flurry as each grain of my sand slips through Time's hourglass
Do I dare?
My silhouette is the only shape visible against the horizon
As the sky leans down and whispers,
"Do you dare?"

I do.

I'm taken gently upward, and my thoughts are calmed
Time has shelved my golden hourglass,
And I am changed.

Further upward now, stretched north and south, then east and west.
And in a twinkling, I'm twinkling.


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