Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I don't know why i wrote this poem.
Languishing in what's wrong, Outside of myself, lingering there.
Vacant in my own skin, Every thought painted in red, gold and black
You probably don't know why i wrote this either. Obvious, is how i feel, obtuse, sometimes.
but i'm often wrong. Unless you can't hear the loud thoughts coming from my brain,
this is for you.


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Twinkling (poem)

Eyes glazed, teeth frosted
Frozen cold articulates form crystals on the tongue
Do I dare?
Whispers and thoughts spin in shapes around my head
Divisions, revisions, decisions
Do I dare?
Left, right, up, down, side to side
My thoughts are in a flurry as each grain of my sand slips through Time's hourglass
Do I dare?
My silhouette is the only shape visible against the horizon
As the sky leans down and whispers,
"Do you dare?"

I do.

I'm taken gently upward, and my thoughts are calmed
Time has shelved my golden hourglass,
And I am changed.

Further upward now, stretched north and south, then east and west.
And in a twinkling, I'm twinkling.