Monday, March 12, 2012


Inspiration for this poem hit me while I was at work today. It was odd, because I don't normally write poems that rhyme.

Take me under your wing, she said
Teach me how to fly
No more will my soul be dead
I'll live up in the sky

The color blue will hold me there
And no more will I ache
Clouds I'll mold and fold and wear
Sunshine in my wake

Problems from the ground won't bind me
Stifling and black
Forever forward will my eyes be
I promise I won't look back

Now she stands there quietly,
With an earnest, pleading look
I wink and smile, come with me,
I'll add you to my book.

Now the evil's kept at bay
Now there's no more strife
I will give you wings, I say
I will give you life.