Monday, March 4, 2013

a choice in white (poem)

My future was wearing a white shirt.

Suddenly I became hyperaware of the sound of the ticking of the clock.
In the dark, the clock spoke poignantly into the silence.

Past. Present. Future.

and my future was wearing a white shirt.

There were stars in my eyes. And when I looked up, they were all I could see.
The quiet breaths and dark figures in the room amplified each stroke of the second hand and made everything seem almost plausible

But my future was wearing a white shirt.

And when the stars cleared, all that would be left is darkness.

So I shelved my thoughts like an old library book.
I know the story. I know how it ends.

Then the clock spoke to me again.

Past. Present. Future.

This time I didn't listen.


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